Sunday, June 26, 2011

Frenquent Flyer Mick

Yo Mick here, the canine with the boy on the end of the leash.

Its that time of year again when Red goes to visit his dad on the other side of the country. These visits used to cause such stress and anxiety for all of us - just about wiping clean the chance of summer fun. That is until last year when Mum discovered she could send me with Red.

last year I had me first flight and wow - what a rush it is!

Red's dad said it was the best visit ever and Red felt the same way. I got to meet new friends and had a fantastic time too!

Chin up Mum. I know its quiet and likely boring with just the 3 cats to keep you company. Red an' I will be back soon and I promise to keep him in sights and out of trouble.

I just want to thank the American Disabilities Association and Delta Airlines as well as me vet and Red's Councilor for making this possible - and special slurps to Mum and Red's dad too!