Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gloomy Mick Whines Missing Autism Boy Blues

Yo – Mick here.

The canine pup with the droopy whiskers.

I’m about as glum as a guy can be – my boy has been gone for so long and I miss him horribly.

It's important for him to spend time with his dad and I totally get that.

Still, it hurts to miss him so.

Mum tries to cheer me up with walks to the school field where she throws the tennis ball for me. For a short time, I entertain her by fetching the ball – humans are easily distracted sometimes.

She takes me to the beach to distract me - and it almost works. She's taken me to several other places and though there are some kids and such, my Red isn't among them - not even at the beach.

The worse is at night when I don’t have my boy to sleep with.

I worry about him a lot because I know kids with autism can have a lot of anxiety.

Mum says that Red is doing well and like me, he can find some simple pleasures apart. Still, it would sure be nice to not have to be away from him.

One day, perhaps, autism and other challenges will be understood and then the recognition of the many different type of therapy dogs will be embraced better… still, who’s to say who’s needs are greater? Is the need for a canine companion greater or the person with severe allergies?

I’d be biased, so I will not judge. In the mean time, I will keep my tail up for Mum’s sake.

And in just 10 days, my boy will be home!

Wiggy waggy and thump thump of my tail!

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mama edge said...

And how is Mum coping with the extended absence of her darling Red, then?