Monday, September 14, 2009

Autism Crush part 2

Autism Crush continued:

Yo, Mick here, the canine down under - the picnic table!

LMTO (laughing my tail off!) Gosh but I can crack myself up!

Any ways - let me continue...

So there they were at the table with her family. Red was happy as I’ve ever seen him, eating pizza, trying to remember his manners, conversing with her family (yes, you read that correctly, conversing!).

The boy was pure joy!

Sadly though -

It was his last meal with her.

There she was scrunched as close to her mum and as far away from Red as she could possibly get on the bench. Everything about her body language said she was not comfortable – but Red was oblivious.

The eye of autism can be pretty blind. Those darn social cues!

I know she tried to be gentle but Red was just too into her and she wasn’t even into him. She is just a kind person. College sophomore ladies just don’t hang with high school sophomore boys.

Crushed is just too simplistic a word to describe Red’s feelings; feelings mixed in with the autism factors too. Which pretty much means – amped up to mega.

Red was bewildered and hurt.

Sometimes a crush may look like an obsession and to be honest, Red was pretty much fixated on her. I’m sure she was uncomfortable with Red’s attentions. Poor buddy.

Mum did a pretty good job about talking him through these new emotions and getting him McDonald French fries (Red does not like chocolate or ice cream) but some things a mum just can’t share in.

I’m glad that I’d gone through a similar thing recently. I survived my own first crush. Well, to be honest, it was puppy love...

Red was able to make sense out of his feelings by talking about mine.

He compared the two, rationalized that I’d recovered and was happily “just friends” with several girls and decided he could react the same. That’s not to say that Red is totally over her – just that he’s got a good grip on his emotions and what to do about them.

I know – there are some folks who’ll say that Red is delusional – but check this out. He talks to me, he processes through issues as complex as a crushed crush using information he’s learned from friends, family, movies, books etc. and by relying on my experiences.

My experiences are whatever Red needs for them to be. He creates my experiences by projecting information he has gathered from any number of sources.

I often see movies before Red - to ensure they are not too scary.

Sometimes I go places before Red so that he can ask me about them.

I've helped him accept having to get shots. They can hurt as bad as a bee sting - but the pain sure goes away much faster!

I’ve gone through the various stages of puberty ahead of Red.

You see, Red uses my experiences to help him process things. It works for us. I’m not sure it’d work for other kids with autism or not.

I say, nothing ventured is wasted opportunity.

Deep down Red knows – I’m a canine.

He’s got a firm grasp on that as a reality, yet he’s able to power me up to a level that is capable of helping him through whatever he needs help with.

How brilliant is that?

I’m just grateful I can ALWAYS be there for my boy.

Red has just survived his first crush and although he’s crushed – he’s still my boy and I love him.

Peace out!


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