Friday, April 2, 2010

Autism Awareness Day! Woof!

April 2010

Yo, Mick here!
The cutie canine!
I’mmmm Baaaaack!
(I’ll talk at a later time about being out-of-public for so long - whew - its been an ordeal!)

Today is world Autism Day and I’ve got some things I’d like to say about that –

Wooooofy Bow-Wowza! Autism – Hello it is worldwide! Seems everyone either has a family member or knows at least someone with Autism…

I’m blessed with my brother with Autism. His version is fairly high functioning… what does that mean? Well, people may pick up on the cues that he’s quirky but may not recognize the Autism in him – unless they know autism – particularly the quirkiness factor that autism just doesn’t present the same in everyone with autism. Can you believe that? Autism looks different in everyone with autism – with some specific patterns though.

So what’s the what about Autism? Lucky for you now -
Searching the web today – hundreds of thousands of sites and posts are made about autism – back when my boy was first diagnosed in 1998, there were very few and Mum couldn’t even find a book about it at the public library! Now it seems like everyone is getting on the autism train.

You can too – wear blue today to honor your friends and/or family with autism – then follow the goings on around the country with autism walks etc. – Heck the entire month of April is for Autism Awareness!!!

Participate and lend a paw where you can. If it’s not a hardship, donations for autism are most welcome – here is our local Autism Center if you feel inclined: