Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011 and thank you for the successes in 2010!

Yo, Mick here - the grinning canine!

Sorry mates, I’ve been on a long walk about, one that really never had me leaving but a journey just the same.

Its been an interesting year for Red, Mum and me – I may be telling about some of it periodically but mostly I’d rather not clutter myself with it over much.

Briefly - We’ve moved but stayed in the same town, are still having issues with Red’s school and mum’s health is improving. Life happens and we adjust and grow through it… Autism is just one of the lenses that we use in our daily lives. We don’t focus on it we see with it.

This year, I’ll be sharing some of our story about incorporating and growing with autism beginning with the recent holiday season…

We celebrated Christmas with Uncle C and family – and there was a lot of family! 11 humans, 3 cats, a corn snake and 2 of us canines! Whew! You may wonder how we could spend 4 days with the extended family like that with autism… patience, love, we’ve done this before so we build on previous successes.

I believe that is one of the truths of living with autism… building on previous successes – whatever those may be. Begin to think about autism as building blocks of success. Stack them, build them, grow them, nurture the successes with attention and praise and love.

Focus on the successes and more will grow. This is true with everything – including Autism.

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Dearest Mick,
Is there a way to contact your human slaves via email?

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