Monday, July 21, 2008

A Dog, his Boy, and Autism: an introduction

Yo. Mick here.
The hottie with the blue eyes, fuzzy ears and tongue hanging outa my smile. That's right. I'm the dog-brother.

I want to welcome you to the, Mick and Boy blog, where we share some of the daily aspects of our lives. Primarily it will be Mick, Red, and our mom, Irene, making comments and posts but we may on occasion have guests.

Be sure to check out our primary site, where we have more information about autism and our stories. We also have a forum, tips and strategies, and resources. This site is mostly just us having some fun and LOL opportunities.

We invite you to share your own stories and comments (with or without autism) with a comment or join our autism forum on our primary site, Mick and Boy.

I am a Queensland Heeler and although I am not officially trained as yet, I am my boy's therapy dog. One day I hope to be officially trained but in the mean time, I'm happy just being Red's best friend in the whole wide world. Check back frequently for photos and fun!

Your pal,

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