Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Focus and Rules for Autism

Sometimes it takes the presence another to point out the things we are too close to see. When Kasmira came out she added to the mix a glimpse of the differences I don't usually see in Red. For example, we were on the beach playing and having fun. We stopped for some photos and it wasn't until we downloaded them that I noticed Red views the world differently.

It's not all that obvious, really but there it is, the autism perspective. Where is the focus point of this photo? Was it just that Red was in a hurry? Or is there a point of the focus? Or is it the autism factor? Look at this next photo of Mum and Kimberly.

Sure, they have cute knees and I love Kimberly's toe polish but what was red focused on? It is said that people with autism don't usually look into the eyes of people. Well, Red does sometimes - more often when he's with family and friends. Autism is also a mass of contradictions! Rules!

Ha - people with autism create rules, adhere strongly to rules, require others adhere even stronger to the rules as they outline them and all rules for the understanding of autism will eventually be broken. There's generalities or norms that can be associated with autism but don't try to hold a person with autism to what you think or know about autism. It is different for everyone with autism, every day and even every moment with autism is unique.

Expect change, be flexible and autism will be less traumatic and even fun. Autism is fluid in spite of rigid associations. Smile!

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