Monday, September 8, 2008

Bullies beware! We've Got Red's Back!

Yo, Mick here. The handsome one with the blue eyes and no bandanna.

I'm still worried about the bullies at school. If I'm still worried, I can't imagine how Red must feel. To watch him though, its like someone has wiped his heart clean of the memories.

He jumps out of bed, races to get ready and flies out the door for another day of school. He loves band, and Video, is not too keen on math and enjoys meeting up with his friends.

I don't know if I could do that. I mean, I'm still wiggling mad about those bullies harming my boy!

Do you have any ideas why the bullies torment others? For years now bullies have been considered just another victim themselves who suffer from low self esteem. Ha! I mean have you actually seen bullies in action? Do you know any bullies?

Low self-esteem my flea bite!

New research shows that bullies are more likely to have typical self-esteem and maybe even border on fluffed up self-esteems. Coddling the bully and building them up just results in rewarding them with more attention.

I'd like to see bullies taken down some ego pegs!

The school where Red goes has agreed to continue the program set up last year. It is designed with the ultimate goal of improving school climate and providing a safe place for everyone.

The plan is that Red, his SCIA, teachers or other adults when they hear of or witness a bully event they report it and the student is brought in and informed that what they did was bullying. The student is then put on alert that they will be monitored. A record of the event and conversation is placed in their permanent file so that everyone knows the student has been informed.

Any further bullying incidences then have a series of consequences including detention and suspension. All incidences and consequences are documented.

I have my doubts, but things were starting to improve a bit by the end of the school term this last year. Although some of the bullies just enlisted others to "moo" at the kid with the wild red hair.

Beginning early may help - maybe.

Whatever, Mum and I are here for Red and he knows it! Red also has several teachers and other school support staff and especially his SCIA. We ALL have his back and so do several of his friends at school.

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