Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Bully Kicked My 2 Legged Puppy

Same Old Bullies - Again

Yo, Mick here. I'm the one without opposing thumbs - I'm not really opposed to much except meanness and deliberate harm. Red has had a challenging 2nd week of school because of bullies. The same ones from last year with a few new recruits.

Red came bursting through our backdoor Thursday so distraught he practically fell over me waiting for him. He collapsed on the couch. I jumped up on top of him to give him slurpies (I'm not yet a trained therapy dog but I know what works on my boy) and he wrapped me in his arms and rolled to his side holding me in a tight ball.

My boy takes on too much!

Red didn't cry at all, he's maturing. After a few minutes Red told me he'd tried to not react when the fat boy in the black T-shirt said, "Cows Moooo.", but that he couldn't help it, he'd already been "moooed" at a few other times that day.

How can humans be so cruel to one another? 

It breaks my heart to see humans kicking any puppy, even one with only 2 legs. From Red's perspective, with his sensory issues and autism, "moooing" is the same as deliberately kicking - and the bullies know this! 


Mama Mara said...

I recall a few years ago, a study came out that said that bullies, contrary to common wisdom, do not behave this way to cover up their own self-esteem problems. More often than not they actually have relatively healthy self-esteem. They bully because they think it's fun to watch others suffer. It's incomprehensible to me that people think this way.

Which is why, when I see one of them (the kids who relentlessly torment my son with noises and baiting comments), I have to fight back the impulse to knock them down and give them a mauling.

But Mick, since you're a dog, I think you could probably get away with the odd nip at the bullies' ankles now and then. I say, sic 'em, boy.

Irene said...

Ohhhh, how I'd like to sink my teeth into their over stuffed jeans, unfortunately for a dog to bite a human its the death sentence.

Mum, Irene says she's read similar research findings and observed kids with typical self esteems and some that are just too full of themselves being mean bullies at the middle school where she works in special education.

These bullies are the ones who turn into abusive adults with no social conscious understanding of the world. Sociopaths on the low to mid range of the spectrum of sociopaths usually but beware the ones working their way up!

Thanks, Mama Mara!
Mick with Irene